What You Should Know About Abused Dogs and Gain Back Their Trust

Frequently you will run over a abused dog at one point in his/her life. These dogs are hard to manage as the ordinary things we do makes them tense, fear and anxiety. You can, nonetheless, increase your odds of success dealing with an abused dog with a couple of basic changes in approach and a great deal of persistence.

When you try to interact with this kind of dog, kneel down to seem less undermining. Keep your voice low and happy when conversing with him/her. A frustrated and loud voice will make him/her shiver and it breaks the trust further. Don’t approach him, call him to you. If you happen to see that the dog showing some signs of obeying you, give him/her praise and some treats also. Try not to sit tight for him to obey totally. Keep in mind that, the dog might still be haunted by the past experiences where they were hit when he/she approached somebody. Try to put yourself in their shoes and you’ll understand more why you are doing this.

When you do get the opportunity to pet this dog, avoid patting his head. Don’t be hasty, it’s not the right time yet. Remember, you need to build the trust first. Keep your hand palm up as you approaches him/him and then, do it in the most tender way possible, rub his/her chin and chest area. Rubbing is an effective way to make a dog to calm. If he/she happens to step back, just let him/her go. Don’t hold on to his/her body and say don’t go.  In time, he will remain longer. They have emotions too like us. They have a broken heart now and it takes time to heal.

Here’s the other thing, an abused dog tends to be anxious or frightened, he/she will regularly wet the floor from time to time. In the event that this ought to happen, it is vital not to enable your disappointment to show in front of the dog. It’s not that the dog is trying to disobey you. This behavior will go away as he/she picks up trust in you.

Keep any sessions short, with only a couple of minutes of genuine touch each time. You can increase the time bit by bit as his trust develops. The dog will know eventually that you are showing care rather than trying to harm them. Now, if the attempt fails, try this instead. Just sit quietly beside him/her often, then wait for the dog to approach you. It makes the dog feel much more comfortable. They are like humans, keep that in mind always. Forget the thought that they are pets, they don’t have complex emotions. If you are saying that, do me a favor, stop having a dog as a pet. You are not fit as a dog owner. Yes, I mean it!

Wrapping it up, I just want to make a point that an once abused dog can be as trusting and adoring as any other dogs. What you need to do is just to show lots of love and care to the dog and be patient to them. Remember these 3 things, kneel down, talk to them with a low voice and touch them gently. Eventually, you will be able to win over their heart and they will bring you lots of amazing joy and fun in return! Dogs are man’s best friend! Don’t you agree?