Undeniable Reasons to Love Clicker Dog Training

If you have been training your dog, you must have heard about clicker dog training. To those who are new to this, a clicker is a little rectangular plastic box with a metal button on the top that clicks, that’s how the name clicker came out. Dogs experts found that the clicker promotes enforced training whereby you don’t have to punish the dog to correct their behavior.

We, as humans, when we accomplish something great and get remunerated for it, we will do the same thing again and again coz it feels good. A dog thinks in a similar way. Dogs learn through the outcomes of doing something. In the event that they accomplish something and it wins them a treat and praise, they will happily to do it again and again. On the other hand, if they accomplish something and you don’t care, ignore them, said “NO” in a strict voice and no treats, they are not going to do it once more.

Clicker dog training basically works in such a way that it strengthens good conduct. When your dog sits, CLICK and reward him with a treat. Whenever your dog sits, do that again, but don’t say anything to him/her. The whole process is to make your dog to be accustomed with the CLICK sound. He/she will before long understand that when he/she sits he/she will get a treat and hear a CLICK. Eventually, whenever your dog hears the CLICK sound, he will know he needs to sit. Basically, that’s the whole concept of clicker dog training. It’s not that confusing, right?

You may have this in mind, this is dumb! Why use a clicker when you can just speak a word? Here’s why, speaking the same word, sometimes our voices differ. It depends on how we feel at that point of time when we say it out. Sometimes, we say “go away” softly to our dog, maybe we don’t really want to shoo them away. When we yell “go away”, then we really want our dog to go away and stop disturbing you. As humans, maybe we can understand how different intonation carries different meanings, but to the dog, it could be confusing. In this sense, a clicker does a much better job!

Clicker dog training can be used on other animals too,  for example, horses and dolphins besides dogs. It has been proven to be an effective training method, of courses provided that the whole training is carried out properly.