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What You Should Know About Abused Dogs and Gain Back Their Trust

Frequently you will run over a abused dog at one point in his/her life. These dogs are hard to manage as the ordinary things we do makes them tense, fear and anxiety. You can, nonetheless, increase your odds of success dealing with an abused dog with a couple of basic changes in approach and a great deal of persistence. When you try to interact with this kind of dog, kneel down to seem less undermining. Keep your voice low and happy when conversing with him/her. A frustrated and loud […]

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Never Never Let Your Dog Walk You!

Do you have the problem of getting your dog to follow where you go? If yes, read on, buddy! First thing to do, be unpredictable! Make speedy and unexpected turns the other way right at the moment your dog begins to stretch out beyond you. Train him/her to focus on where you’re going. Applaud him/her extravagantly when he/her comes back to your side. If possible, even reward him/her with a little treat to keep him/her motivated. The whole reason behind is to stop the pulling before him/her even begins by […]

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How to Stop My Dog From Jumping on People?

It’s dog nature. Dogs like to look and interact with individuals up close and personal. This prompts to numerous dogs bouncing up and down, with their mind set to have that up close and personal contact with the people they see. At the point when your dog is little, this may not be an issue, but as they grow bigger and stronger, it could be quite intimidating. I still could remember the time when my friend, Stella visited my house and my dog jumped in front of […]

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Undeniable Reasons to Love Clicker Dog Training

If you have been training your dog, you must have heard about clicker dog training. To those who are new to this, a clicker is a little rectangular plastic box with a metal button on the top that clicks, that’s how the name clicker came out. Dogs experts found that the clicker promotes enforced training whereby you don’t have to punish the dog to correct their behavior. We, as humans, when we accomplish something great and get remunerated for it, we will do the same thing again and again […]

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