Never Never Let Your Dog Walk You!

Never Never Let Your Dog Walk You!

Do you have the problem of getting your dog to follow where you go? If yes, read on, buddy!

First thing to do, be unpredictable! Make speedy and unexpected turns the other way right at the moment your dog begins to stretch out beyond you. Train him/her to focus on where you’re going. Applaud him/her extravagantly when he/her comes back to your side. If possible, even reward him/her with a little treat to keep him/her motivated. The whole reason behind is to stop the pulling before him/her even begins by catching him/her without any clear notification. No need to scold him/her, be gentle to your dog. He/she will be able to make sense of it.

In the first session, you may need to do this again and again for forty and up to fifty times. Yes, that’s how many times you need to do that! You may not even be able to make it half way down the porch, yet don’t give up and feel stressed. Your dog will get better each time. You just need to have a little bit more patience. Based on our experience in this line of dog training, we have seen numerous successful cases where the dog will watch their owner intently before making the next move. You’ll see that your dog will pay attention to you even without pulling the leash. Try it, it works almost every time. Some dogs are plain stubborn though, then you need to take the next action.

The next action is to set the rules. What’s more, stick to them! Keep this in mind, you should never never let your dog to pull you around. Make your dog understands who’s the BOSS! Whenever he/she tries to get ahead of you, stop him/her. The bad part about this is you’ll must watch him/her with your eyes wide open, like staring into his/her eyes during the few couple of sessions. From time to time, he/she may pull and you may feel bad and allow it, remember THIS, it cannot be all the time. If you do that, all your efforts will go in vain. Once your dog gets the hang of it, you can bring him/her to go further than porch. You can even bring him/her go around the neighborhood.

Here’s the final last advice, you need to practice, distract, and keep practicing. Not just your dog, both you and your dog. It takes two hands to clap. It’s a progressing process to teach a dog not to walk you. From time to time, you need to be “unpredictable” again towards your dog so that your dog pays attention to you all the time and comprehends what you anticipate. Keep him/her on his toes and continue working with your dog on that. One thing to note though, you have to apply both rewards and punishment. If your dog behaves and you are seeing a greater amount of that good behavior after some sessions, do praise and treat him/her.

That’s all I have for today’s sharing. Now go and let your dog knows who’s the BOSS! =)