How to Stop My Dog From Jumping on People?

How to Stop My Dog From Jumping on People?

It’s dog nature. Dogs like to look and interact with individuals up close and personal. This prompts to numerous dogs bouncing up and down, with their mind set to have that up close and personal contact with the people they see. At the point when your dog is little, this may not be an issue, but as they grow bigger and stronger, it could be quite intimidating. I still could remember the time when my friend, Stella visited my house and my dog jumped in front of her. She was like yelling non stop. Lol… Ya, if you ask, I have a super friendly dog. I just like the way how he is. However, if you intend to prevent your dog from jumping too much, please read on. I’ll share tips to handle it.

The number one thing you can do to counter this issue is to kneel and go down to the dog’s level. This will enable him/her to see your face and take away the reason he/she needs to jump in the first place and get your attention. Getting down on his/her level will tell him/her you see him/her. This may sounded a bit stupid, but it’s a fact that most of the reason, our dogs jump is to be able to see our face. It’s just as simple as that.

What if the above strategy doesn’t work? What I am going to tell you to do next, may be a bit cruel to your dog emotionally, but try it, quite effective in my years of experience in dog training. When your dog jumps, turn your back. Yes, turn your back then stare toward the roof, decline to recognize him/her until the point when he settles and sits. Ignore him/her completely until he/she settles down. Dogs hate it when people ignore them. Remember, most of the time. in the first place, they jump because they want your attention.  For this technique to work, you should be relentless in not looking into him/her until the point when he has calmed down. Do take note of this, the smallest affirmation will get him energized once more.

A third strategy that appears to work perfectly with bigger dogs is to wait until they jump, then hold their front legs gently. Gradually walk the dog in reverse a few feet , then gently put his front paws on the floor and use the word “down” in a firm way. Generally, dogs hate to walk in reverse, and doing this again and again will influence him/her to begin to connect the dots whereby uncomfortable equals to hopping around in front of people.

It doesn’t take long to prepare a dog not to bounce as long as you are firm with whichever technique you pick. Get your family member to cooperate and use the same method to train your dog. It will double the effectiveness. Good luck in training your dog!