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A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training Collar

There’s always this wish that you could have more control over your dog for the dog owners. With training collar, it will assist to get that control where you have a better comfort control and you will be able to lead your dog much more effectively. Generally, there are two types of training collars out in the market.¬†One is known as the gentle leader and the other is known as the Halti. I’ll explain the difference of the two. In spite of the fact that both training […]

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What the Heck Is Dog Pre-Training?

As the article’s title says, what the heck is dog pre-training? A lot of dog owners don’t really care about this shit, think that it’s not necessary. To me, this is really important if you plan to train your dog yourself particularly. So, what’s pre-training? Basically, it’s a prerequisite and what I am going to tell next may shock you. The prerequisite is to you as dog owner, not your dog. Let me repeat, it’s YOU, not your dog! As a dog owner, you need to have […]

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