Dog Potty Training 101

Dog Potty Training 101

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As much as we would love our dogs to utilize potties like the baby shown in the picture on the left, that isn’t what this article is about. I’m going to discuss about house training. What do I mean by that? It’s about getting our dog to go outside when the time has come to do their business. This whole potty training could be a lengthy process and tiring but it’s worth the time. Trust me!

Now, the recommendation is that you start to train your puppy when he/she is between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old according to the experts. The dog is capable of controlling his/her bladder and his/her bowel movements at this point of time. It typically takes about 4-6 months for a puppy to be fully trained. Some may take up to a year. It depends on what kind of dog you have also. Some are plain more stubborn that the others.

The very first obstacle in potty training is to train your puppy to listen to you. You may be exhausted at the beginning but keep doing it.  You can do this inside the house first, then slowly work your way up to train your puppy to do the business outside. Pick a specific zone inside the house, perhaps at the area closed to the backyard or somewhere similar, then put tonnes of daily papers there around the territory. You may put the puppy’s bed, water bowl and etc to that area. Basically, you need to instill the idea to your puppy that he/she must do his/her business there, on the paper. Consistently take him/her there every hour and so and instruct him/her to do the business there, or whatever command you want it to be. At some point or another he/she will do the toilet thing as told. You need to watch out for him though around the house so you can check whether he/she did it as told and at the right area.

However, don’t leave the dirty paper too long, clean it as soon as your puppy has done their business. However, just a suggestion, you may keep a piece of dirtied paper. It’s meant to encourage the puppy to do his/her business in the same spot again. Puppies like to do their business where they’ve been before. They tend to smell for the spot that they’ve previously been and do the business there. It helps a lot. Now, as your puppy progresses where he/she started to listen to your commands, try to take him/her outside instead of the newpaper area. In that way, he/she will before long discover that he/she needs to go outside.

Potty training can help to address another issue, submissive urinating which could be quite a headache as a dog owner. Often times, when your puppy meets somebody whom he loves or somebody he/she knows, or maybe another dog he/she can get extremely energized and he/she may wets himself/herself. Imagine your friend comes over to visit and this is going to be so embarrassing. So this potty training will teach your dog to “discharge” only on command. I always have this in mind, it’s like shooting a laser gun. PEW, PEW, PEW PEW PEW! That’s my command to ask my dog to go outside. Cool, right?

Last few words, with a ton of hard invested energy and time you put in, you can instruct your dog to do almost anything. Dog is a very loyal companion. Potty training is only a stage towards another achievement in your dog’s life. Make sure your dog gets a lot of treats and praise when he behaves, doing the toilet thing outside of the house. The more he/she knows that it satisfies you, the more he is probably going to do it again and again!