Dog Collar DIY > How a Daddy Create it for His Daughter’s Puppy

Last Saturday, I was resting at the couch and my 9-year old daughter, Kaylie dropped by and said to me,

“Papa, you know what? I want to make a dog collar for Gunner”.

By the way, Gunner is my new puppy into the family and he’s my daughter’s BFF now.

Back to the point, so I asked my little girl, why?

And she said “I want to have the best for Gunner”.

Deep inside,

I know she’s up to something and finally she said it,

“Papa, could you teach me how to make a dog collar?”

I stunned a while. Ya, I know a thing or twoabout dog training, but making a dog collar…

You must be kidding me! But a daddy’s gotta do what a daddy’s gotta do, right? I’m a caring and supportive father… need to walk the talk… haha…

So, I googled for information on “dog collar DIY“. Found a few sites about it and the steps are either too complicated or there are no clear instructions. Probably something to do with me also. I’m not good at all these DIY stuffs. It doesn’t run in me.

Thankfully, I stumbled across this Dog Collar Kit by Country Brook Design sold at Amazon. It really saves my day, keeping the super daddy image in my daughter’s mind. To me, that’s worth everything.

Sorry, I got carried away. So, what’s this dog collar kit is about?

Below is how the product looks like

Country Brook Design 1 Inch Deluxe Dog Collar Kit
Country Brook Design 1 Inch Deluxe Dog Collar Kit

What’s Inside:

  • 10 yards of 1 inch Country Brook Design heavy nylon webbing
  • 10 Country Brook Design top quality, 1 inch nickel plated steel, heavy welded D-rings
  • 10 YKK brand 1 inch plastic wide-mouth triglides (is used to adjust length of the collar)
  • 10 YKK brand 1 inch black heavy duty contoured side release buckles
  • Step-by-Step instruction included.

Who It’s For

This kit is more about creating your own dog collars for puppies (do note that it’s not meant for big dogs) where you can give them out as gifts, use them as door
prizes, or sell them in a fund raiser. You can use it to impress your kids also just like me =)

What I Like

  • Everything in the kit is high-quality, from the nylon webbing to the buckles.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions on how to sew/construct the dog collars.
  • Much easier than ordering each item individually and the pricing is comparable
  • Video tutorial available (Step-by-Step). This is what I like the most. People like me who has zero experience in dog collar DIY. This is really helpful.

What I Don’t Like

You still need a sewing machine, scissors and measuring tape and thread. These items are not included with the collar kit. Ok, I get it, I cannot expect sewing machine to be included in the kit, but scissors and measuring tape and thread, come on, don’t you feel it’s necessary?

Alternative Products

If you feel that it’s too much trouble to DIY your own dog collar, you may consider personalized dog collars sold at Amazon shown below. To me, they are beautiful, unique and the price is reasonable


Final Opinion

For me, I’ll be sticking with the Dog Collar Kit from Country Brook Design. Reason being, though I was reluctant to this whole dog collar DIY in the first place, I really enjoy doing it together with my little girl. That’s priceless to me! You may click the image below to know more about it at Amazon.

Country Brook Design 1 Inch Deluxe Dog Collar Kit
Country Brook Design 1 Inch Deluxe Dog Collar Kit

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