A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training Collar

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training Collar

There’s always this wish that you could have more control over your dog for the dog owners. With training collar, it will assist to get that control where you have a better comfort control and you will be able to lead your dog much more effectively. Generally, there are two types of training collars out in the market. One is known as the gentle leader and the other is known as the Halti. I’ll explain the difference of the two.

In spite of the fact that both training collars are helpful, the gentle leader has an advantage in my own opinion and the best part, it does not choke your dog. The design guarantees better control over your dog. The design is pretty straightforward. Basically it is something that is attached around your dog’s neck, behind the ears and then around their snout.  The way it works is that you direct the entire body of your dog by controlling your dog’s head and nose.

The second type of training collar is called Halti.  It has been made almost in the same type of principles as gentle leader. It’s just that Halti has another strap that clips onto the dog’s collar and the design is much more complex. This can cause problems as there have been cases where it causes injuries to the spine and the neck of the dog in the past. Latest design seem to be better nowadays.

There is another sort of dog collar accessible for the public. It is known as prong collar and it looks intimidating. It’s mainly used for large dogs which have a thick neck. This type of collar is not suitable for those dogs that yank in your arms. The particular collar pinches the dog’s neck with light pressure. It may remind you of one type of torment device used in the medieval era. Be that as it may, as the pressure is gentle, it doesn’t generally hurt or cause any harm to the dog. It just ensures that your dog moves the correct way. These dog training collars must not be utilized for dogs that have a tendency to relentlessly pull on the leash. Let me be clear, it is essentially a correction collar, not supposed to be a constant collar. If you are just starting out, as a dog owner, don’t go with this type of collar yet. Do consult with your vet before making any decisions on the training collar if you are unsure.

There’s another old type which is known as choke chain. It is certainly not for the amateur since it’s mentioned last. There have been numerous cases which indicates that various neck wounds on dogs are caused by this type of collar. In this manner, I don’t recommend you use these type of collar unless you are really experienced in training dogs. If I may comment, just forget about choke chain totally. I’m mentioning about it in this article is more towards to let you know what’s out there in the market for training collars only.

Final word, when you are choosing a dog training collar, do some research first and try it on your dog before buying it. What’s best for the other dog may not be good for your dog! It depends on your dog’s personality. Just for your reference, gentle leader and Halti are the most popular ones.


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