Teaching Your Dog Tricks: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Teaching Your Dog Tricks is Not as Difficult as You Think

My extended families and friends have been asking me about how to teach a dog tricks. It’s not that difficult actually, and yet it’s not that easy also. Anyway, to make life easier for you and your dog, here’s a quick guide on how to teach a dog tricks. Some commented that you need a clicker to train a dog tricks. Actually you don’t have to. Now whatever being written below is based on my 17 years of dog training experience. Just a disclaimer, it may or may […]

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How To Solve The Headache of Aggressive Dog?

How to solve the headache of aggressive dogs

When it pertains to aggressiveness in a dog this is a really severe issue. If the dog bites somebody, there are brand-new state laws that specify dog’s owner can be charged and the dog be put down to death. However, not to worry, with some intensive dog training, our dog should be able to get along well with people and not to show its aggressive side towards people. There are lots of factors why pet dogs are or end up being aggressive. Perhaps the dog feels his […]

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Build Dog Confidence: What No One Is Talking About

Is your dog scared of individuals or other dogs and sensitive to sounds? If yes, agility training is the key to build confidence in your dog. Agility classes are incredible for people to learn about the sport and learn how to train. However, for the timid dog, it may take a long time before he is ready to venture out instead of hiding under your seat or off your lap. Here’s the thing, a shy or timid dog can only learn when they are inside their comfort zone. […]

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Dog Potty Training 101

As much as we would love our dogs to utilize potties like the baby shown in the picture on the left, that isn’t what this article is about. I’m going to discuss about house training. What do I mean by that? It’s about getting our dog to go outside when the time has come to do their business. This whole potty training could be a lengthy process and tiring but it’s worth the time. Trust me! Now, the recommendation is that you start to train your puppy when […]

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